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Beaumont Employer Services offers a robust suite of solutions tailored to meet the wellness and financial objectives of your organization.

From workplace wellness, to bundled payment arrangements, to full risk arrangements with warranties, we have the right solutions to manage any population. 

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Conventional strategies to control healthcare spend, such as increasing cost sharing to employees or tight utilization practices can lead to employee frustration and hamper the patient experience.

Your organization needs a willing provider partner and patient advocate in order to bring meaningful change to your organization's financial health.

Working directly with Beaumont can change the way employers access healthcare services for their employees. We can create solutions to address healthcare spend and improve the care delivery experience for your employees.

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Your Goals

Your workforce is your most important asset.  We have solutions designed with them in mind and can tailor to meet the needs of any industry.


Your goals determine our starting place.   We will design solutions to meet your organizational needs and your bottom line.  All solutions are designed to support your employees to ensure a healthy, productive workforce.