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Executive Health Services

Beaumont Employer Service's Executive Health Program provides clients with personalized access to preventive healthcare and tailored services to meet the unique needs of corporate leaders and their companies.


The physical and mental well-being of a company's executives and employees is paramount to its success. Advances in preventive medicine have made an increasing number of screening tools available to aid in early detection and reduce the risks of developing future health problems. Beaumont Employer Service's Executive Health Program provides clients with personalized access to preventive healthcare and tailored services to meet the unique needs of corporate leaders and their companies.


Preventive care aims to optimize health and reduce health risks, particularly those risks associated with disease and disability and can lower overall health care costs.  By providing preventive health care and individualized screening tests to your employees, you may reduce future health care expenses through early detection of costly health conditions. 

The Executive Health program was designed to address the preventive healthcare needs of our clients. One of the tenets of preventive care involves early detection of health risks when there are no apparent signs of disease. Individuals’ risks for developing certain health problems vary widely. As a client of Beaumont Employer Services, you will receive a comprehensive medical evaluation focused on:

  • Identifying your personal risks for developing certain health problems
  • Screening for early symptoms of disease or previously undetected conditions
  • Minimizing (or eliminating) present and future health risks
  • Optimizing care of current illnesses




The center of Beaumont’s executive health program is the executive physical, which is modeled after the most recent guidelines set forth by leading medical societies. Our physicians are board certified in internal medicine or family practice. 

The components of the executive physical include a review of  past medical history, family history, and current health status and a series of screening examinations. Because lifestyle decisions can affect the degree of risk for incurring certain diseases and health conditions, we encourage discussion of issues such as diet, vitamin use, exercise, sleep quality, and stress, as well as any health or lifestyle questions you might have. Careful attention is given to identifying personal risk factors for certain health problems and to discussing strategies for minimizing them.


With Beaumont Employer Services’ Executive Health Program, your employees no longer have to sacrifice time off work to prioritize their health. Our dedicated team will work with program participants to schedule all tests within a single day and may choose their desired physical date to accommodate their busy schedules. Participants will be accompanied by a staff member to assist with the check-in process and eliminate wait time between tests.  Staff will also cater to individual needs of the client on the day of the physical. 




A series of screening tests are completed on the day of visit.  These studies are performed both in our office suite and at various locations of the hospital.  Depending on the program design, an Executive Health physical can take 4 – 6 hours to complete

The goal of Beaumont Employer Services Executive Health Program is to help our clients reduce the risk of incurring unnecessary illness and disability.  In addition to a physical examination a group of screening tests will be performed on the day of the physical. Screening exams may vary based on factors such as your personal or family medical history, age, and gender.




Once your test results are available, you will receive a summary of your physical examination, any pertinent medical findings, as well as copies of your test results in your MyBeaumontChart. Specific recommendations will be made for reducing your risk of developing major health problems.  


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    It was a very positive experience, I felt like a VIP with the way I was treated by EVERY member of the staff.

    The team was all so nice and friendly! Thank you for making it so easy!

    The staff was absolutely delightful. Every person I interacted with was professional and kind, but especially the ladies at the front desk and the staff member that walked me through the various appointments. Having never been to the Beaumont facility before, I needed a guide!

    It is an EXCELLENT program with very good people involved in scheduling and communicating as well!

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